“Tom was fantastic with my 12 year old dyslexic son, who was struggling with maths.  S wasn’t an easy customer, didn’t want help and was determined to hate his new tutor – but Tom quickly won him round with his patience, skill and charm.  He tackled S’s dyslexia creatively and made the sessions fun, always treating S as an individual and never talking down to him.   Tom seemed to really care that his students did well – they weren’t just a job to him – and he was often available for help and advice.  S’s maths results went from 12% in December to 80% in his June exam.”

Parent of Tutee “S”   2012


“We were very impressed by Tom from the very first meeting. He immediately made Alex feel comfortable and has the enviable ability to tutor children in a way that they enjoy. Alex always looked forward to his sessions with Tom. I was always present in the background as I wanted to hear how Tom dealt with Alex for my own benefit so I am very confident in my views as to how Tom performed. I genuinely believe that Tom was passionate about his role as a tutor and his desire to turnaround Alex’s performance.”

“He addressed Alex’s challenges using an array of different techniques, working in a more multi-sensory fashion, ingraining rules to help him structure his creative writing and was able to push him with timed tasks, constantly praising his efforts.”

“His level of achievement improved dramatically as did his confidence in the subject, we were very pleased when he was offered a place at two excellent schools.”

Parent of “Alex” 2011

“He has been very flexible, travelling at short notice to support the children in different countries and, without being asked, would delay his days off when it was obvious we needed his support. He has always been courteous and polite and has set an extremely good example for the children. We also have always felt that they were very safe when he was with him.”

“Tom always made his tutorials fun for the children and was very skilful in keeping their attention focused.”

“Thomas took an active role in the children’s lives and really seems to enjoy seeing how they develop; we would whole-heartedly recommend him to any family that has need of his unique skills”

Head of Executive Office at the behest of the tutee’s parents 2013