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Thomas Murr 2016

10 tips for success in the HNW service industry. 


By Thomas Murr 28/01/2016

1. Money follows the relationship.

You need a genuine relationship. HNW individuals need to genuinely know you, your morality, your trustworthiness before they entrust anything to you. If your motives are not in the best interests of the client don’t expect to be invited on the yacht… Put in the hours to understand your client, get in the banya, sit and drink tea, learn their customs and language and remember their children’s birthdays!

2. Be great to have around. 

Can you be fun, kind and amusing while staying professional; Generous with your time and stimulating while never becoming over familiar? If you can, perhaps your client will pull up another chair for you at the table.

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The cardinal rules for private Jet-setting with children.

First Published on 14/06/15 at Estate and Manor Magazine


You look at your colleague, “how long did you say the flight was?


He looks at you nervously, six hours on the principal’s plane with his three primary aged children, the families’ friends and another bodyguard is not his idea of fun.

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