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Affordable gifts for the kids who have everything.

Header Image: Clockwork Songbird, House of Marbles Online.

8th February 2016 by Thomas Murr

For the kids who have everything the monetary value of a gift is completely irrelevant, a quadcopter is just another quadcopter, right? Another iPhone? Stack it with the others, you only need two anyway…

When you get to a certain wealth level it can be easier to send your PA out on the mission to buy something for your friend’s son or daughter than doing it yourself. You give them a budget and they return with the new iPhone, remote-controlled helicopter or, yawn, drone. If it’s a birthday party and the father is a hotshot you can expect to see a pile of these wrapped gizmos on a giant table, tribute to the family’s status and power. The intent is good and I’m sure the thought will be appreciated but what if there was another way, a new way?  Imagine seeing that golden child, their cherubic face filled with genuine glee, holding your gift aloft and shouting praise!  Their Parents turn in surprise to scan the faces of the guests, who realising that it’s not their electronic wonder, pretend not to have noticed. An assistant leans in and whispers into the fathers ear, looking up, he sees you, a rare smile across his usually stern face. Very good Karma indeed….

If you really want to make an impression with your gift you will need to put the effort in, research the interests of the child, ask the family’s staff members or the parents directly what their offspring are interested in. You usually don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something that will make an impression. Remember it’s not a money thing, the key is to simply match the child with a gift.

There are some rough guidelines that I should think will help you find your target.

  • Get them something they don’t already have.
  • Something that doesn’t require batteries will probably be novel and can be used without any set-up.
  •  Don’t get them anything that is too complex for them to use by themselves.
  • Immediate novelty value, something to pique the curiosity of the child so they will not be able to put it down until they understand what the present does or how it does it.
  • Something usually unavailable to them in their location.

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