Tutoring Services.

As Tom is currently on a long term placement in Central Russia he cannot accept tutees at this time. Family offices and education agents should use the contact page to get in touch about the possibility of a future placement. For a current rate card and further info please use the contact form.


Private Families and Family Office consulting.

Tom has extensive knowledge of hiring tutors and has a professional relationship with many of the most well known tuition agencies. He can confidentially advise families on which education agencies have the highest standards of integrity, what services are worth paying for and any questions about the hiring process. Tom is also especially useful when selecting candidates and can usually verify the suitability of candidates to prevent needless miss-hires.


Product Reviews.

Tom is happy to honestly review suitable educational products, including text books and work books for children. He can offer important insights in a highly readable, enjoyable format.  For more information please feel free to connect.


Free Industry insight for graduates

Many potential tutors get in touch with Tom to learn more about the work and the industry. Tom is very happy to help high quality candidates in their inquiries. Tom has helped top graduates from Harvard and Oxbridge with career advice.


Entry of talented children from less well off households into independent schools. 

Please get in touch for free advice, information and ideas.


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