Prevention of the disease is much easier than finding a successful cure.

A newly classified disease and how to prevent it spreading to your children.

Published on 01/02/2016 By Thomas Murr

I have seen the symptoms up close and personal and it’s not good. Once treatment begins you shouldn’t hope for the best, those who are infected cannot be cured quickly. It’s symptoms can include, nihilistic apathy, depression, rudeness, feelings of worthlessness, deceptive practises, introversion and recklessness. It can strike early in childhood and usually cannot ever be truly cured once caught.

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It is usually passed down at least one generation and children have the potential to suffer the most from its symptoms. Strangely, the original acquirer seems to have a natural resistance to the bleaker aspects of the condition and will not understand why it can cause such negative symptoms in their offspring.

So far doctors and scientists have not been able to find the cause of the condition but they have been able to determine it is transmitted to other family members through the handling of large amounts of money.

Severe Symptoms.

In several countries severe cases have been reported. All of the most severe cases followed a similar pattern, at birth the children were showered with the contaminated money and this continued into the teenage years but in ever-expanding quantities. The children’s parents then seeming to have noticed a correlation between extreme behaviour and the quantity of cash, became suspicious and advised their children to acquire uncontaminated cash from another source (such as through acquiring productive work). Because of the debilitating effects of the condition most of the young adults were unable to complete this task and so the parents sadly had to either ration the contaminated cash to their children (to limit the incidence of overexposure) or tried to force their son or daughter to go cold turkey, which led to severe withdrawal symptoms.



In some countries where the disease has been known about for a long time and where there is more education about the causes, preventative measures are taken in the form of lifestyle and education. The most preferred route is by not familiarizing the infant with cash and throughout childhood simulating a normal working relationship to money. Having the child simulate work in the parents house such as mowing lawns and washing cars for monetary rewards seems to inoculate the child from many of the negative effects. If at all possible the child should not be given any hope that the parent has the means to supply cash effortlessly as this seems to be a precursor to catching the disease. If the parents decide that the child will inherit a lot of money later in life inoculation can be sought through sending the child away to a boarding school where, through harsh treatment and rigid discipline a child can sometimes be educated and toughened so as to become immune to the negative effects of the money. The same positive effects can also be seen as a further outcome of military training. A new experimental cure for some teenagers that in recent trials showed promise is for the parents to pay for them to travel to Sub-Saharan Africa to dig latrines.

All parents should be aware, prevention is much more preferable than trying to find a cure.

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